Cindy has a variety of resources that guide you along the path of creating the best life for yourself. They’re affordable and easily accessible. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of these resources click here to get in touch.

Unstoppable book

Entrepreneurship is what Durban businesswoman and author, Cindy Norcott, lives and knows. It comes as no surprise then that her book How to be UNSTOPPABLE and achieve more in business and in life is far more than a litany of lessons learnt during a highly successful business journey. It is actually a peek into the mind of a woman who has what so many of us lack – confidence, a sense of purpose and self-belief.

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Price: R100 excluding Vat

13 Steps to Personal Excellence

In this powerful audio book, Cindy shares her outlook and tips on how to create a better life for yourself in 13 simple, practical steps. You will be challenged to dream bigger, do more and focus on having a can do attitude to life.

Price: R100 excluding Vat


In this audio book, three speakers share their thoughts on how to stay mega motivated. Cindy Norcott shares her ideas on how to keep yourself motivated and inspired and she gives tips on how to develop successful habits. Darryn Le Grange, award winning business coach and the owner of Action Coach Ignite shares his top tips for success. Grant Gavin, award winning property entrepreneur, international speaker and business coach also shares his ideas on success and significance.

Price: R100 excluding Vat

Take your career to the next level DVD

In this motivational DVD, Cindy shares her top tips on how to build a great career, including career limiting moves to avoid, how to handle social media and general etiquette and habits that will help take people to the top. With these tips, viewers will get a multitude of ideas on how to get ahead.

Price: R100 excluding Vat


Cindy has a Social Science degree with majors in Marketing, Economics and Industrial Psychology and she is a qualified business coach, a voracious reader, and a self-confessed seminar junkie. Cindy was the owner of the KZN Business Training Centre for two years, training and developing start-up entrepreneurs. Cindy has also run business mastermind groups for years. As a business coach, Cindy offers one on one coaching sessions with entrepreneurs and business managers who are looking to take their careers or businesses to the next level. As a coach, Cindy acts as a sounding board, mentor, ideas generator and support for the people she coaches.

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