Middle Ground

The months of September and October are often very tough months of the year in the workplace. At this time, people feel too far removed from the freshness and vigour that they experienced at the beginning of the year and they are still too far away from the end of the year with its festivities, promises of down-time and the inevitable slowing down that takes place at the end of the year. During this “middle ground” patch, it is so easy to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and irritable, with flagging energy levels, possibly even a little burnt out. I suggest that if this is happening in your workplace, add in short-term incentives, offer the odd free half day, encourage staff to take a long weekend as leave and do what you can to re-invigorate your staff. Get your staff to re-visit their goals for 2014 and aim to achieve one or two of them before the year is over. Become a boredom buster and bring in a travelling masseuse, introduce a fun incentive for a month, get your team to brain-storm some fun activities to do before the end of the year. 2014 is far from over so don’t write it off yet. Do what you can to get through the middle of the year and focus on thriving instead of just surviving.