The power of expectations

I have been coaching business owners and speaking to large groups of people over the past 15 years. There is a question that I ask most of the audiences that I address. It goes as follows – “Who in this room really wants to be successful and happy and live the life of their dreams?’. Everybody puts their hands up in response to this question. I then ask a second question, “Who in this room expects to be successful and happy and live the life of their dreams?”. I find that the hands go up a lot slower to this second question. Some people don’t raise their hands at all. Occasionally, I ask a third question. I ask the members of the audience to look at the person to their left. I then ask them if they believe that the person to their left is more likely to be successful and happy than they are. Many people put up their hands and tell me that they believe that the stranger to their left is more likely to be a success than they will be. Isn’t that crazy? In life, we have to back ourselves and believe in our own ability to succeed and make things happen.

This is the fundamental difference between people who are successful and people who aren’t. People are more likely to get what they expect in life than what they want. So, what are you expecting for yourself? I have discovered that many people don’t have many expectations out of life and as a result they don’t get much. I encourage you to have great expectations and clearly defined goals. Expect positive outcomes in every undertaking you get involved in. Develop an affirmation to build your confidence and keep yourself positive. Try this – “I am positive, successful and happy and I achieve my goals with effortless ease”.